Expiré : 2019/11/22 – 22 novembre – Séminaire MACDI avec Liêm HOANG-NGOC (CES, U. Paris 1)

Le prochain séminaire « Modélisations et analyses hétérodoxes des crises, des inégalités et du développement » (MACDI) aura lieu vendredi 22 novembre 2019, de 14h30 à 17h00, Campus de Villetaneuse, salle K301.

Nous aurons le plaisir de recevoir Liêm Hoang-Ngoc (CES, Université Paris 1) qui viendra nous présenter son article Change the euro or exit: What strategy for tackling macroeconomic imbalances and the climate challenge.

Abstract – In the current institutional and legislative framework, Member States of the eurozone are supposed to implement “internal devaluation” policies to solve macroeconomic imbalances. Such a strategy is potentially deflationist (despite the non-conventional measures taken by the ECB) and prevent Governments and the UE to borrow financial resources for ecologic transition. An alternative strategy, needing important institutional changes, should be to go further toward political integration in order to transform the eurozone into a transfer union. If this scenario was unrealistic, a « plan B », including a coming back to national currencies, could be necessary, especially in order to resorb imbalances by adjustment of change rates, to get rid of the texts organizing the “opening to competition”, and to free budgetary room for maneuver to finance public investments for energetic transition.

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Au plaisir de vous voir ou revoir,

Dany Lang