Akihiro Matoba (U. Kanagawa) est professeur invité au CEPN du 29 janvier au 27 février 2017

Période de séjour au CEPN : 29 janvier au 27 février 2017

Enseignant-chercheur invitant : Dany Lang

Axe : DyCap


Akihiro Matoba est Professeur en économie à l’Université Kanagawa au Japon.

Vous trouverez ci-dessous une courte biographie.


The time when I found the existence of Karl Marx was the age of sixteen in 1968, while many student movement happened all over the world, including the ones against the Vietnam War, a revolutionary student and workers movement like May revolution in France. Most radical students began to read the books of Marx and Engels. It was so natural that I studied the economic theory of Karl Marx at University. Since then almost 50 years has passed. I have continued to study Marxian Economy and Philosophy without stopping and abandoning it. As a scholarship student, I stayed at Zagreb University and EHESS Paris for two years to study Proudhon as well as Marx. And I researched as an inviting researcher at International Institute of Social History at Amsterdam to research some manuscripts of Marx and some documents for one year. Speaking frankly, my style of study was much influenced by a French philosopher,

Louis Althusser, that is to say, his thought judging not from a flow of Hegel, but from

Spinoza. Now I am preparing to write the first book of “Karl Marx 1818-1883” in three volumes for the bicentenary of Karl Marx’ birth. It deals with especially the works of young Marx until February Revolution. The main theme is the difference and the correspondence between Marx and Proudhon concerning a future society. However I would like to speak the end of capitalism using” the tendenncy of rate of profit to fall” and “Reproduction Scheme” of Karl Marx while staying in Paris.