Cambridge Journal of Economics – Financialisation, income distribution and crisis
(Coordination : Dany Lang)

Financialisation, income  distribution and crisis

Cambridge Journal of Economics 29(3), 2015

Edited by Dany Lang




Table of contents

Financialisation, income distribution and the crisis
Dany Lang

The demands of finance and the glass ceiling of profit without investment
Laurent Cordonnier and Franck Van de Velde

Unemployment, working time and financialisation: the French case
Michel Husson

Finance-dominated capitalism and re-distribution of income: a  Kaleckian perspective
Eckhard Hein

Rising inequality as a cause of the present crisis
Engelbert Stockhammer

Europe’s Hunger Games: Income Distribution, Cost Competitiveness and Crisis
Servaas Storm and C.W.M. Naastepad