Multi-Polar Capitalism 2022 Robert Guttmann

History teaches us important lessons, provided we can discern its patterns. Multi-Polar Capitalism applies this insight to the crucial, yet often underappreciated issue of international monetary relations. When international monetary systems get first put into place successfully, such as the “classic” gold standard in 1879, Bretton Woods in 1945, or the dollar standard in 1982, they structure relations between the system’s centre and the rest of the world so that others can catch up to the leader. But this growth-promoting …[Lire la suite]

par Robert Guttman (CEPN – U. P13)


Eco-Capitalism – Carbon Money, Climate Finance, and Sustainable Development

Robert Guttman (CEPN – U. P13)

Palgrave Macmillan, 2018, 321 pages, ebook (89$) and hardcover (119$)

About this book – Our planet faces a systemic threat from climate change, which the world community of nations is ill-prepared to address, and this book argues that a new form of ecologically conscious capitalism is needed in order to tackle this serious and rising threat. …[Lire la suite]